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Track & Path Construction or Repair


All types of footpath and track work carried out...

Whether it is a narrow footpath to a heavy-duty track over difficult terrain, Marsden AES has the skills and equipment combined with a wealth of experience to meet all specified requirements.

The range of tracks and paths undertaken include:

  • Footpath/Bridleway
  • All abilities
  • Agricultural, MoD and Forestry
  • 4X4

Depending on the requirements and existing ground there are a variety of construction techniques available:

Subsoil Tracks

Using specialist excavator techniques and depending upon the quality of excavated material it is possible to cross soft peat ground using existing material. By exchanging the soft peat from the path line with the stony subsoil out of the drainage ditch it is possible to create a hard durable surface.

Once complete the subsoil path surface may benefit from additional stone, this however is largely dependent upon quality of excavated material in other situations simply seeding the surface will suffice.

Grass Gravel Tracks

This technique is particularly useful for footpath and bridle way use as it enables the path to blend seamlessly into its surroundings. By mixing aggregate and soil at different ratios a suitable material for blinding the track is created. This once seeded and compacted will eventually create a hard yet grassed over path surface.

Aggregate Tracks

In most situations tracks or paths need to be constructed using imported material. In these cases careful consideration is made on the selection and quantities of the stone used. The stone is often of local type to blend into its surroundings as well as reducing environmental impact by reducing haulage. In some situations it may be necessary to lay a geo-textile to reduce quantity of stone required or when crossing soft ground.


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